Review Back

Check this out, I found a new method to make your blog more popular, it's Review Back. I haven't try it yet, but I guess it will help you do more link exchange. As this time, you don't pay for people to review you, it's exchanging blog review for FREE.

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You register yourself, then submit your blog. Then, look for review to exchange, just like looking for opportunity in PayPerPost. You review someone's blog, then he or she review back. Like this, readers will read the review on your blog and somehow he will click on it, then walla, you will get new reader and gain another link exchange. Like this, it improved your Technorati rank as your link count increases.

I will try it out soon then tell you guys whether it works or not. You guys can try it out too, and if you guys are user or Review Back, please share your experience. Cheer.


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