My Technorati Problems

Do you use Technorati? I have 5 blog register with Technorati. If you don't know what is Technorati, then I'll tell you what it is now. Very simple, Technorati is one of the blog ranking site like Alexa or Google Page Rank, and then it's also a blog directories where you can find lots of cool blog, a blog search. Higher Technorati rank means easier to get accept for ad publisher account and higher pay post.

Even one of my very old retired blog have 3 authority.

I don't why I have this problems. I have blogs link to this site, but at Technorati it shows "No authority yet" although they show 134 blog reactions which mean 134 blog link to this site.

I tried contact Technorati but no reply from them. Now I just submit a post regarding the problem at their forum and waiting for people's help and reply. If I my authority doesn't gain, my Technorati rank will be low and I will be rejected when signing up ad publisher service.

Do you face this problem too? Or you know any solution that can help me?


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