Make Money Online List

I now come up with a list advertising service, sponsored review and other source that can help you make money online. FYI, all of this is safe.

1. Google Adsense
The very popular, used by many user in many site and blogs. You place the contextual ads on your site then when someone click on it, you earn. You can also earn by referring products when like Firefox, Google Pack, when people download and install the program, you will earn $1. After you accumulate $100, you are ready to cash out, your payment will be send by check via post.

2. Text Link Ads / TLA
If you have a new blog, you will probably be rejected unless your blog got real GOOD traffic. So, if you got a blog that always have readers and new visitors, it's good to sign up for TLA. When your blog is approved, you place the link code in your blog. Then wait for Advertiser to buy link on it, no click is require. You get payment every end of the month. Rejected? Nevermind, try their Affiliates program.

3. Advertlets
Advertlets is a Malaysia based Internet advertising company. It's not contexual ads, but it need visitor to do a poll on the poll+ads area which user place on his site. Then according to the poll, Advertlets will decide which ads to show on the site. This is more for Asian user as the advertisement still more for Malaysian. Not a good choice because the payout currency is in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) which is lower than US$. Anyway, you can give it a try.

4. Nuffnang
Like Advertlets, it is made in Malaysia. It's only for Malaysian and Singapore. Nuffnang promised to extend their network to other country in the future. Their payout rate is RM50/S$50. They often organize event like special movie screening, bloggers gathering for bloggers here.

5. Adbrite
Ok, I didn't use this before. According to KUMIKO, this is not recommended. However, I see many sites using this ad service. Maybe you can give it a try then let me know whether it's good or not.

6. Friend Finder
Looking for chat partner or life partner? Join Friend Finder now. You will think, HUH? How to make money with Friend Finder? It's easy, just invite your friend to join FriendFinder, and every woman signed up you'll get $2 while man $1. So good right? Can meet new friends and make money at the same time.

7. PayPerPost
The kinda famous paid post website. I used this too. Earning some money from it. For blog with 0 pagerank, you can find opportunity for as low as $5 to write about, then with that money at least you can get yourself a domain for you blog. 5xmom earned $9k from writing paid post. So why don't you start making money online with it? So easy, write, submit, wait for payout. This is good for bloggers, as you can blog while earning money just with some writings.

8. Smorty
Another paid post company. Still got many paid post company below. This is one of it. I tried Smorty a few weeks ago, and Smorty is the first one to pay me. I earned my first dollar online with Smorty. They payout very fast, weekly based and not monthly.

9. Bloggerwave
Paid post service. A kinda new service and I got 2 post approved already. Can't wait for the payout by the end of the month.

10. Blogsvertise
Not much to say. Another paid post service. Got paid by them.

11. Sponsored Review
Although it is a paid post service, it works like this, you look for an advertiser than you place your bid on the post. When the advertiser approve your bid, you ready to blog then submit then wait for approval and payout again.

12. Adbux
You don't need to place any code on your site. What you are require to do is click on ads and refer your friend to join. It's the easiest way to make money online

13. ClickForCents
Similar with Adbux, but each click is different $ instead of all ads in Adbux is $0.01.

14. Xpango
Not making money online but it is getting free gift online. You invite your friend to sign up, every sign up helps you earn a credit. You need the credit to get your free gift like Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii, LG Prada, Nokia mobile phone, PSP, iPod and more.

15. LinkWorth (thanks Stoddart)
It's like combination of Adsense and PayPerPost. You sign up and you can choose from a few service they offered like paid post, ads on your site. From the site, it says that you earn 70% of ad revenue. Pretty cool.

16. BidVertiser
You place contexual ads in your blog according to the topic you write. So almost similar to Adsense, PPC (Pay per Click), so when people click on it, you get $. You are required to choose a category for you blog, then BidVertiser will shows ads related to the category of your blog. It pays using PayPal.

17. Chitika
If you have a site or blog that review product like gaming peripherals, computer hardware, gadgets or others. This is good for you, you can use Chitika eMiniMalls. The eMiniMalls is a CPC (Cost per Click) ads service for you site. It display products related to your sites and when people click on it, it bring them straight to the online stores.

18. Oxado (thanks TerryG)
Now you can have think of other contexual ads network besides Google Adsense. It's completely free and high revenue thanks to exclusive parnerships with the lasget Cost per Click and Cost per Acquisition network in the world like Yahoo! Search Marketing. The good is no traffic minimum and monthly payments. Sign up now!

That's all for what I know. If you know any, you can contribute to the list here, I'll add your link here. Drop me a commend or send me an email. Cheer



    On 10:10 PM Stoddart said...

    Can I add one? Give LinkWorth a shot!

    Under one roof you'll be able to sell several different types of text ads, do paid blog posts, host Billboard pages, etc.

    Payouts are 70% of rev, too....

    On 10:41 AM kimmy said...

    I have get to know a business opportunity, any idea i can expand it on the internet? please see

    stoddart :
    thanks, i have added it into the list.

    kimmy :
    hi kimmy, you can try doing advertising on the net through popular ad network like Google Adwords.

    On 1:11 PM TerryG said...

    At present I am using Oxado. This is a better payout system as it is in Euros and not US dollars. The return rates are quite high compared to others. I have talked about this on my posts at
    The beauty about this is on Blogger I do not have to share any profits and my account is credited immediately. I have referred friends to this and they too have had some high click through rates.

    Oh i see. I added it into the list and thanks for sharing. Payout as in Euros is cool I think cause most of my earning are in US$ and it's fun to take a change.

    On 11:22 PM Anonymous said...

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