Blog Hopping Helps You Gain Traffic?

One of the method that will help you gain a little traffic and draw some new visitor to your website is by Blog Hopping. Blog Hopping is actually that you goes around blog, then you leave a message at someone's tagboard or comment area. From this blog, you click on the link to another blog then click on link from another blog to ANOTHER blog. You hop here hop there.

When you leave a message at someone's tagboard, somehow the owner of the blog will check out your blog. I don't have a tagboard here. Will install soon. Or if don't have tagboard, you hop to other blog, then you didn't even read the content you hop to another blog again, then your little avatar will appear on the Blog Social Service like BumpZee, BlogCatalog, MyBlogLog.

Does doing these really help you gain traffic?
I think is yes BUT.
Ok, let's talk about yes. When you tag somebody, curiosity of someone will make him come to your site and take a look. If he is a avid blogger, he somehow will read your post and comment you. Then you gain a new visitor. If keep doing this, more and more curious people will come to your site. But this take a lot of times, don't be lazy, make money online need patience, haha.

BUT, when you do these - tagging, hopping, comment unrelated to topic. People will just think that you are trying to gain traffic. Message like this : Cool blog, visit mine too! or You got a nice site. Check out mine :), people sure think you are drawing traffic and not really reading his blog.

Try leaving different message. Read his post, discuss about it or say your opinion on it, then only in the end ask him to visit your blog, or don't, because there is a link on your name when your post a comment/tag.

I do blog hopping and it works, but I always lazy. Haha. Hey I shouldn't be lazy. But it's the best to deliver good content rather than non-updated blog and then do blog hopping just for gaining traffic.


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