iPhone, 3 More Days.

Apple very anticipating iPhone will be releasing on 29 June. Which mean 3/4 more days later. Er, not here in Malaysia but in the States. Why not ASIA?!! Don't know why, my phone just spoiled and I need a new phone. However, iPhone is too expensive is way out of my budget.

So basically what iPhone can do is :
-Touch screen keypad, which your thumb not stylus.
-Full HTML Email
-2 megapixel camera
-Google Maps
-You Tube
-Web Browser
-iPod + Video

What I don't like about the iPhone is :
-No 3G.
-Capacity too low, need more like 15GB, 30 GB.
-That's all I think.

Apple release the phone on a special time, not on 0000 hours 29 June but at 6pm, 29 June. So people, geeks, freaks, Apple fanboy will get it after working hour.

If I got a chance to own that phone, I would love to. =)


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