Printer Ink Cartridges

I got a printer at home. I do my printing job very often. When I found something useful on the Internet, Wikipedia and so on, I'll print it out for my reference and to study about it. I can take to school and file it. It's easier for me to make references when I want to do project next time. However, the sad things of the whole printing work is the cartridge ink is very expensive. Sometimes, the cartridges may cost as the same price of the printer machine itself.

Yeah, I am serious. My HP printer is 39$ and both my inkjet cartridges for Black and Color is already 45$ in total for 2. HP inkjet cartridges is always expensive. But I like HP because of the quality of the printout and the nice looking design of the printer.

After doing some research on the net, there's actually alternative on buying original HP C6656AN cartridge. It's the same thing as the original cartridge, but cheaper price, same quality too! I believe most of the people use the printer to print documents only, not much people print photos. The cheap carrot ink sure will help you.

Carrot ink even has the ISO 9001/9002 standards so you got no worry that the ink is cheap quality. Best part is I no need drive myself to the store to get my ink. Turn on the computer, click on the site, type in credit card number, address and click buy. Wait for it, *ding dong*, your ink for printer arrive. Save cost on petrol too! Shopping online for ink cartridges is fun and efficient.

I'm going to order one and try out myself. Since it's cheap, who cares how much I print. Now I can no need worry about what to and not to print.

3rd Generation iPod Nano

It had been long since I write something here because I am busying with my study and also make money online. If you want to make money online like me, you can visit my blog for more about my experience.

Recently, Apple just released the new iPods and the Nano is getting cuter. Check the ads out and tell me what do you think about it.

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Video Conferencing Software

Nowadays, people are getting busier and busier. People spent lots of time working in front of the computer and don't have much time to step out of the office to meet someone or his business partner. And so, with Internet help, they can now start their business at home. Without stepping out of their house or office, they can communicate with other people with visual and sound.

But then, you have to look for a good video conferencing software. Not all are reliable and good. Here I have found one that will suit your business needs or personal use. brings your the best video conferencing software on the net.

You can find a quick and painless method for conducting online meetings with prospects, clients and employees with using Megameeting browser-based software. It's fast, cheap and easy to use. Besides that, everyone can use Megameeting since it is supported on Mac, Windows and Linux. With VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), user can talk and see other people on the Internet.

Only with Megameeting, you can find a good video conferencing program.

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Namecheap August Coupon Codes


I personally recommend Namecheap for domain registration and transfer because the service is good, fast, reliable and cheap. Another plus point is it allow you to pay with PayPal. Most young internet entrepreneur like me don't own a credit card, but then we do have PayPal, so it will be easy for us to pay with PayPal.

I just bought another domain and that is
Will be porting this blog to Wordpress soon.
From then on, I will blog a lot.

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iNicholas.Com NO!


What the heck, I thought the owner of won't be renewing the domain but then he renewed it the day after it expired. Sigh, I don't have the chance to own a cool professional dot com looking site but on a dot net. Anyway, I think it doesn't bother me much as long as I can make money online then it's good. Dot net might look cheaper than dot com, but many many pro sites use dot net too, so why should I go crazy for a dot com.

Some little update on making money online :
It has been 3 weeks I didn't write PayPerPost, I login login and login, but I don't find new opportunity, PayPerPost hate me? My sites is low PR, I need to do something to increase PR, help me anybody?


New iMac Invading Penang

The new iMac that is released few days ago is coming to Penang tomorrow at 6pm, just like the iPhone, 6pm. Check out Switch Apple Store at Gurney Plaza and Queensbay tomorrow to get a feel on the great machines with great design.

I am unable to attend the party because I am going to a concert. So sad, anyway, I'll go check out the other day. =D


I am so so sorry that this blog will be going hiatus. I will try to update when I am free. This is all because that my PMR Form 3 school exam is coming, and it's getting near and near. I am nervous and haven't prepared for it. So now I need to spend more time on study then on blog. BUT I will be back in October, from then on, I will be FREE.

I bought web hosting from (50gb, host 5 domains and 5dolar per month) few days ago. But still haven't bought a domain for this blog. I am waiting for iNicholas.Com, it's bought by someone, but that site is now suspended because the expired date is nearing and the owner of that site is require to renew his domain, if he do not renew his domain by 13 August, then it will once available for sale.

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